Biometric Medical Marijuana Process & Compliance

CPS II: Biometric Processing & Compliance Career Development Training for Medical Marijuana 

CPS II has developed a technology platform and compliance training program that includes multiple entries for Biometric secure access that will satisfy  the requirements for compliance, while providing asset tracking and encryption of data with a Digital reporting process for the departments in each State for Revenue, Agriculture, Health and Marijuana Enforcement. The CPS II technology and training program will set a new standard for the medical marijuana industry. Medical Cannabis Compliance rules BSA/AML, SAR, KYC, PCI & CTR will be monitored and reported by the CPS II process. The Biometric CPS II process can satisfy the payment processing requirements for Federal & State banks.

                                                    Career Development Program for Compliance Analysts 

The CPS II services group provides and supports a career development program for military/veteran and commercial institutions. The CPS II Compliance Analysts One (CAO) course is designed to prepare the military/veterans to support the commercial firm and Chief Compliance Officer at an entry level position. The CAO program for the military/veteran is executed by CPS II and supported by funding from CPS II, commercial and military providers.

The CAO program consists of a three day course of instruction which focuses on the financial and medical compliance requirements for both the federal and state governments. The compliance program provides the candidates with the knowledge of the many government agencies including the significant rules and regulations of each agency. The federal agencies included are the SEC, CFTC, OCC, FDIC, CFPB, FINCEN, Federal Reserve, OFR, FIO, FINRA and FSOC. The State reporting for medical requirements are the Department of Revenue, Agriculture, Health and Enforcement.

The CAO course includes medical compliance knowledge of the CPS II Biometric secure access platform for compliance processing. The Biometric processing includes state of the art technology including asset tracking and block chain technology with dashboard reporting.

The CAO course includes an afternoon session in each of the three days of individual training for resume writing with commercial company placement selection. The compliance development course includes a 20 question detailed exam administered each day covering the compliance rules and regulations in the agencies and departments.

The CAO training course consists of a total of three detailed day sessions on compliance requirements and includes a fourth day session on the placement program. A CPS II Relationship Executive is assigned to each candidate for the duration of the training program and the placement process. The CPS II Relationship Executive will continue to support the candidate through their placement process with a commercial firm or government agency.                                                         

               CPS II Biometric Transaction Processing Values


-Secure Biometric patient access requiring a multiple security process

-Encrypted Asset tracking process

-Secure Transport tracking with encrypted GPS

-Digital real time reporting with Dashboard architecture

-Secure access limits the issuance of multiple dispensary prescription

-Potential limit of payment processing (Cash only eliminated)

-Patient record digitized and encrypted for access

-Accurate State revenue and tax tracking

-Included is a incident reporting module for the department of Health and Enforcement.

-Secure Dispensary options, Touch Screen, Vending & Mobil process

-Options for Physical security and digital processing.

-State authorized Medical card access (Chip technology)

-Compliance Analysts One (CAO) training and implementation

-Encrypted digital research processing option

-Compliance consulting support center

-Advanced Technology and Security resources provided 


The CPS II Biometric process for Medical Marijuana licensed facilities can provide the patient with secure access through several options. (1) A BioMetric Medical Marijuana dispensary machine which provides the secure automated dispensing of the Medical Marijuana to each patient., eliminating the need for standing in line at the licensed facility. (2) The BioMetric Terminal which allows the patient to select the prescription from a secure touch screen. All of the Biometric secure access options will provide a major benefit to the patient, licensed prescription facility and the complete reporting to the necessary organizations.