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Medical Marijuana Prescription Medicine  (Medical Cannabis)

CPS II Introduces C-Tech for Medical Cannabis Compliance & Processing

CPS II has developed a technology platform that requires multiple Biometric secure access with compliance, asset tracking and an encrypted data reporting process to the departments in each State for Revenue, Agriculture, Health and Marijuana Enforcement. This environment will set a new standard for the medical marijuana industry. Medical Cannabis Compliance rules BSA/AML, SAR, KYC, PCI & CTR will be monitored and reported by the CPS II process.

The Medical Marijuana Dispensary can chose to implement the BioMetric Medical Marijuana dispensary machine which provides the secure automated dispensing of the Medical Marijuana to each patient or the BioMetric Terminal which allows the patient to select the prescription from a secure touch screen. The BioMetric access is a controlled process and will provide a major benefit to the patient, Dispensary and the necessary reporting organizations while creating a positive experience.

               CPS II Biometric Transaction Processing Values


-Secure Biometric patient access requiring a multiple security process

-Encrypted Asset tracking process

-Secure Transport tracking with encrypted GPS

-Digital real time reporting with Dashboard architecture

-Secure access limits the issuance of multiple dispensary prescription

-Potential limit of payment processing (Cash only eliminated)

-Patient record digitized and encrypted for access

-Accurate State revenue and tax tracking

-Included is a incident reporting module for the department of Health and Enforcement.

-Secure Dispensary options, Touch Screen, Vending & Mobil process

-Options for Physical security and digital processing.

-State authorized Medical card access (Chip technology)

-Compliance Analysts One (CAO) training and implementation

-Encrypted digital research processing option

-Compliance consulting support center

-Advanced Technology and Security resources provided

CPS II has identified the Medical Marijuana industry to have a potential revenue of over $6.7 Billion In 2018. Colorado's cannabis industry brought in more than $270 million in the first quarter of 2016. New analysis from the Tax Foundation found nationwide legalization of marijuana could generate up to $28 billion in tax revenues for federal, state, and local governments. That includes $7 billion in federal revenue, $5.5 billion from business taxes, and $1.5 billion from income and payroll taxes. The CPS II technology platform will provide accurate revenue reporting to the required organizations. 

The CPS II technology platform will create a standard for the Medical Marijuana industry with new control requirements for medical offices, secure access, digital encrypted patient reporting and accurate revenue, tax, health, agriculture certification along with timely enforcement data on the Dispensaries, Growers and Transporters in the industry.

The CPS II technology platform is a cost effective and proven process that can be implemented in a reasonable period of time. The States that CPS II is engaged in currently are California and Pennsylvania.  

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