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Commercial Processing Services II, (CPS II) a Veteran Owned Compliance & Technology company with our experienced and quality partners such as, (1) DVBETG, a Disabled Veteran owned Business Enterprise Technology Group an executive staffing company, (2) Global Futures Group a SMART Cities focused solutions company, led by the former Under Secretary of Navy, (3) Pharos, a highly respected Global Public Health Advisors and (4) Insight Mapping, a Data Analytics company is pleased to offer our support in meeting the Public Health Crisis created by COVID-19.
Regarding request for COVID - 19 Contact Tracer and Testing with laboratory reserve services, Commercial Processing Service II (CPS II) and our partners can support all the requirements. CPS II, will be supporting the COVID - 19 process which will include the following four service components: 1) High through-put testing; 2) Directed/Mobile testing; 3) Laboratory Reserve Capacity; and 4) Contact tracing services.
The CPS II team and partners can provide Certified CDC Contact Tracer support and as requested timely certified Testing and Laboratory Reserve processing for COVID - 19. CPS II can increase the support with compliance and Contact Tracer training including CDC certification. CPS II would focus training and certifying local minority and veteran members from the communities.
CPS II has worked with and supported major clients such as IBM Global Services, EDS, the US Dept of Health & Human Services, US Chief Medical Officer Dr. Vanila Singh, and Brigadier General Gerald Deiter Griffin MD, in presenting an advanced technology utilizing a Biometric secure access for a medical process. 
We believe that a CPS II partnership would have a tremendous impact on meeting your objectives of providing a high level of customer satisfaction and a cost effective solution to the COVID - 19 Pandemic in a timely manner. As we are all aware the COVID - 19 Pandemic requires immediate response and certified skills with training for all support members of the CPS II team. 
CPS II can provide the training and technology skills to accelerate the process to meet this crisis. The senior executive members of CPS II and it's partners have several decades of experience in Public Health administration, enterprise business and international health care. The executives are well known and respected leaders in the business and health industries. CPS II and our partners would be pleased to offer our services to support a request for Contact Tracers and Testers for COVID - 19.

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