CPS II - Carbon Footprint Reduction - Industrial Hemp & CV19 Catastrophic Preparedness Management :

Commercial Processing Services II (CPS II) has developed a program to dramatically reduce the Carbon Footprint for the US by reclaiming abandoned Coal Fields (AML) and planting Industrial Hemp. CPS II since the CV19 Pandemic has focused on developing a new Corporate Executive leadership position and business process to prepare for the simultaneous occurrence of multiple catastrophic events, such as CV19, Civil unrest, forest fires and Hurricanes. 

CPS II is an LLC chartered in New England and has provided management consulting and technology solutions to major global clients for over 17 years. CPS II is a Veteran owned business and has been successful in being awarded multiple $B outsourcing and technology analysts contracts in IBM, EDS, GE Capital, CPQ and D.E. Shaw & Co. The founder has been successful in providing managed services, technology & compliance solutions to major technology and financial companies for over 35 years.  

 CPS II was founded by former GE Capital Executives. The executives developed a strategy for GE Capital to form a new managed services group utilizing the outsourcing services model. The New GE Capital services company was successfully grown to $350MM in a three year timeframe. The outsourcing company was then acquired by IBM Global Services.

The CPS II management consulting team developed the marketing strategy, business plans and technology for several Managed Services companies, such as IBM, GE Capital, Compaq, EDS, T-Systems (A Deutsche Telecom company) and D. E. Shaw & Co. The CPS II executives have developed the strategy for a remote management platform to support the reporting and data collection requirements while providing advanced Biometric technology solutions for compliance to the Dodd Frank Act, medical RRPM and COVID -19.

One of the many projects that CPS II has undertaken is the reduction of the Carbon Footprint in the US and other countries. This project will demonstrate the effect of reducing the carbon footprint by planting and harvesting Industrial Hemp on the reclaimed abandoned coal field in 25 coal producing states. The DOI has a AML fund valued at $10B specially targeted to the reclaiming of the abandoned coal land in the 25 states. The CPS II team consists of a qualified group of experts, skilled in construction of reclaimed coal fields , planting and harvesting of Industrial Hemp and development of biodegradable plastic and Biofuel products.

Since the CV19 Pandemic CPS II has joined a group of experts to develop the leadership and process to support the requirement for a Catastrophic Preparedness executive unit. The CV19 Pandemic is one of many in a series of crises/catastrophic events such as CA Fires, LA Hurricanes and Civil Unrest across the Country that have disrupted businesses. Beginning with the 9/11 terrorist attack. The 21 Century has seen a series of similar if more focused challenges.  Major financial events like the 2008 housing crisis and the great recession create similar strains. These ‘black swan’ events come suddenly, forcing public and private entities to adapt to new realities, seemingly on a dime. 

These events will continue as the world becomes more connected, fostering the rapid spread of problem issues.  Not only is it increasingly difficult to forecast and foresee where and when these issues will start and how they will spread, but their magnitude will be increasingly difficult to contain.

 CPS II as a result of these multiple Catastrophic events, supports the need in organizations to develop a Catastrophic Preparedness executive team to manage these events. The Catastrophic Preparedness Executive (CPE) and their team will need to plan and develop mobilization capabilities to keep business and economic activity functioning rather than curtailing or even shutting down.  These capabilities cannot focus on a specific trigger event because these are almost impossible to predict, but should provide infrastructure for a controlled but effective response to what might happen and minimize the likelihood, shorten the time frame and reduce the impact on your business from the event

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