Commercial Processing Services II (CPS II) is an LLC chartered in Connecticut and has provided outsourcing and technology solutions to their clients for over 14 years. CPS II has developed a Training and Placement program "Compliance Analysts One Career Development" to support the Military, Veterans and individuals in gaining knowledge to support the financial firms in meeting the reporting requirements of the Dodd Frank Act and the Medical Marijuana industry. CPS II has expertise in banking, hedge funds and regulatory requirements. The CPS II technology can provide compliance & regulatory consulting, remote managed services and compliance training to meet the Dodd Frank and medical marijuana compliance requirements. The CPS II team has completed many major outsourcing agreements with global enterprise clients.

CPS II was founded by former GE Capital Executives. The executives developed a strategy for GE Capital to form a new outsourcing technology company for financial firms. The company was successfully grown to $350MM in a three year timeframe. The outsourcing company was then acquired by IBM Global Services.

The CPS II executive team then continued to develop the strategy, business plans and technology for outsourcing companies, such as GE Capital, Compaq, EDS and D. E. Shaw & Co. The CPS II executives have currently developed the strategy for a remote management platform to support the reporting and data collection requirements while providing advanced Biometric technology solutions for compliance to the Dodd Frank Act and medical marijuana.

CPS II has a history of supporting emerging technologies such as the requirements presented by the Boeing "Dark Group" hardware, software and Cryptographic engineers during their development of an internet security solution. CPS II developed the business plan and supported the law firm of Brown, Raysman in developing and documenting over 64 patents for the engineering team. CPS II developed the marketing plan which included presenting the product to the SVP and Group Executive of the IBM System Technology Group which planned on embedding the technology in their chips for their products. CPS II also presented the technology to GE Capital’s 'edgelab' an advanced technology group which reviewed the technology for implementation in their health care and financial services group. 

CPS II can support addressing the medical marijuana compliance requirements by providing our compliance training for entry level compliance analysts who will be supported with our newest products the “Regulatory ​Pathfinder" and Biometric secure access, which includes encrypted data and digital dashboard reporting.​ ​The "Regulatory Pathfinder" solution provides a tool for your compliance team to review all the new regulations on a daily basis from the over fourteen Federal government agencies. The Agencies news, alerts and regulations are available through a simple access method​. We have developed this application a​s an inexpensive way for compliance teams to keep up to date on all new regulations. 

CPS II developed the Biometric secure access platform which utilizes Asset Tracking and encrypted data base technology that will support meeting the compliance requirements of Medical Marijuana. This service can be provided as a fixed monthly bill to the client. This will alleviate the client from having to make a large investment in technology to comply with the data collection requirements of Medical Marijuana. CPS II can provide an economic solution to meet the technology requirements for compliance, through training, staffing, technology and up to date regulatory tools for information. The CPS II Biometric secure process can enable licensed medical marijuana facilities to complete payment processing with Federal & State banks while meeting the compliance requirements.

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