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                                          CPS II Introduction


Foundering Executives :

The founders of CPS II  have held senior executive positions with IBM, GE Capital, Compaq Computer Corp, EDS and D.E. Shaw & CO. They have  developed a successful consulting company for technology, compliance and removal of Pathogens such as the COVID-19 virus, Influenza virus, bacteria's and Fungi removal processing. The executives have many years of experience in leading development and strategy in fortune 10 technology companies. They have held executive positions as Senior Research Engineer's at the IBM Watson Research Center as worldwide Business Development Managers. They have held the positions of V.P. I-Solutions U.S. for EDS and President of the Northeast region. They have managed over 10,000 employees with $3B in annual revenue. As the Chief Strategy Officer at D.E. Shaw Development LLC. Phil executed a startup project in the development, planning and implementing of a major rollout of a new technology for D.E.Shaw & Co. The company utilized proprietary software, a remote management platform and remote operations in Hyderabad, India. The CPS II executive team holds degrees from several prominent universities such as Harvard, Georgetown, Wharton and Fordham University. They have certifications in many key Executive University programs, such as the Presidents executive program at Harvard and the CFO executive program at Wharton. They also hold certifications from the USAF Cryptographic Institute. 


CPS II Executive Team:

The CPS II executive management team has provided world class consulting, financial analysis and has introduced advanced technology solutions for global firms. The team includes a senior financial members, a Mergers and Acquisition executive with over 30 years experience on Wall Street and a team that can provide legal support. The CPS II executive team has expert experience in the technology, Hedge Fund operations, banking and the regulatory Industry. The executive team has provided Hardware, software and encryption support to the Boeing Dark group in the development of a secure access technology for the application devices. The team developed and documented over 64 patents during the project. CPS II has been focused for the last several years on the utilization of Industrial Hemp as a Biofuel and COC technology. We are currently developing a project to reclaim abandoned coal sites in over 25 coal producing states and the planting of IH as a carbon sink in the AML sites. A major focus is the design, development and application of a Carbon Offset Credit trading platform.


CPS II Relationship Executives:

The CPS II Relationship Executives have years of experience as executives in IBM Global Services, EDS, HP Services and software solutions. The executives have global experience in the engagement process for advanced technology, outsourcing, regulatory and compliance processing. The executive leaders have developed cost effective solutions while providing support for enterprise and small/medium firms.


COVID-19 technology development and implementation:

In the support of the pandemic, CPS II focused on the safety and removal of the pathogens that include viruses such as COVID-19 & influenza, bacteria and fungus in enclosed areas. The CPS II executives have developed and partnered with UV-C technology companies to accelerate the process of providing a safe and secure environment in private, public and commercial enclosed areas.




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