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                  Catastrophic Preparedness for Multiple interruptions 


The COVID-19 Pandemic joins a series of crises/catastrophic events that have disrupted businesses. Beginning with the 9/11 terrorist attack and followed by natural disasters (hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes), the 21st Century has seen a series of similar if more focused challenges.  Major financial events like the 2008 housing crisis and the great recession create similar strains.   These ‘black swan’ events come suddenly, forcing public and private entities to adapt to new realities, seemingly on a dime. 

These events will continue as the world becomes more connected, fostering the rapid spread of problem issues.  Not only is it increasingly difficult to forecast and foresee where and when these issues will start and how they will spread, but their magnitude will be increasingly difficult to contain.

As a result, organizations need to develop mobilization capabilities to keep business and economic activity functioning rather than curtailing or even shutting down.  These capabilities cannot focus on a specific trigger event because these are almost impossible to predict, but should provide infrastructure for a controlled but effective response to what might happen and minimize the likelihood, shorten the time frame and reduce the impact on your business from the event. 

The focus on supply chains must expand to include mechanisms to ensure employees resilience:

·       Decision Structure:  Critical teams and mechanisms to determine appropriate courses of action.

·       Support Infrastructure: Elements to keep employees working (communication, transport, health care and child support).  

·       Geographic Partnerships:  Local alliances to share the burden and cost of required services. 

Our multi-disciplinary team can provide the insight and guidance on how to set up the mobilization capability and guide you in the creation of an efficient and effective capability.

Our Approach

Leverage Experience

Our team brings knowledge and experience responding to major unexpected events including COVID-19 to provide relevant insights, building on our crisis response catalog.


Identify Priorities

Each organization faces a different set of issues depending on industry, operations, and location.  Our data driven checklist focuses attention on the most likely events and impacts on your company.


Develop Responses

Planning the key steps you will take enables your team to work through possible scenarios, sequencing actions and targeting potential problems.  Our event workbooks guide this process, covering all issues.


Set Triggers

Events send signals as they develop.  Your team will use our indicator response system to set triggers and monitor potential events as the likelihood increases.


Engage Employees

Your workers, their families and the community must actively participate.  Our proprietary social risk event database guides technology to motivate helpful behaviors, creating a collaborative environment. 


 What steps can we take to insure Management control and continuous Operations?

A new position of Leadership will need to be put in place to support the awareness and operational readiness of the organization. The ​CPS II​ team can provide the guidance and process to support the new role of the Catastrophic Preparedness Executive (CPE) on the corporate executive team.

The ​CPS II​ team provides the services needed to support the CPE to get your business back up and running while adapting the necessary safety procedures to ensure your operations can continue. Monitoring your employees is essential, along with collecting and tracking data. Implementing the right technology and the proper procedures will dramatically reduce the risk for multiple catastrophic events. 

 -How do we communicate to your stakeholders?
Your stakeholders can be confident that ​CPS II ​has the knowledge and years of experience to guide the CPE  through these challenging times. You will receive the tailored resources and support your organization needs from the expert opinion of medical, process, management and compliance professionals. 

-How do we improve and update our approach?

Understanding how your employees are all key to the success of the organization will be critical. Providing simple instructions and rules for your workforce will also make a huge difference. ​CPS II​ can provide  knowledge transfers of proven experience and skills gained. ​CPS II​ will follow on with a discovery process for multiple events such as COVID-19, Fires, Civil unrest, etc.


C​PS II​ can tailor a plan to the needs of your organization. The first steps include developing a preparedness and response program while evaluating the risks associated with worksites and job tasks. Embracing risk management and prevention is essential for your community and business to continue and may also provide new opportunities in a post world. Our standard of excellence is the ongoing support for your organization's continuous operations.



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