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 CV19 Management Alliance team (CMA) is offering their support and services to to the leadership in the communities and business to mitigate the risk of the Covid - 19 pandemic. 
The CMA team utilizes the Best Practices process with a world class team consisting of Global Public Health experts with experience in epidemics in many geographies. The Public Health team is led by Dr. Robert Hecht Ph.D, Dr. Shan So-lin Ph.D, of Pharos Global Health Advisors and Richard Skolkin, Lecturer at Yale, where he taught introductory and advanced Global Health courses in Yale College and introductory Global Health courses in the Schools of Public Health and the Yale School of Management.  The senior global public leadership is led by the Honorable Jerry Hultin, Former Under Secretary of the US Navy. The best practices in data analytics and research is supported by  George Guernsey, a global business and banking executive consultant and Steve Joachin, of the Global Futures Group. Phillip Hunter of Commercial Processing Services II (CPS II) and his team will lead the advanced technology group providing a central support center, with secure access and compliance with sensory monitoring and reporting capabilities. CPS II will include the training of a team of Certified Contact Tracing & Testing members, in compliance with the CDC certified ASTRO program and John Hopkins contact tracing certification and their system to assess risk and evaluate the mitigation tools.  
The Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted and changed the way modern businesses and municipalities can operate. How the public leadership and business addresses the risks related to the virus will significantly affect your current workforce and the future of your community and company for years to come. The CMA team provides Global Public Health Advisors, data analytics, compliance and technology with CDC certification training support for contact tracing to ensure a smooth reopening and continuous operation of your business. CPS II provides a support center of certified CDC members to insure business continuity for your operations to survive and thrive. The CMA team can provide a reserve of Certified CDC members that you can utilize now and during the periods of increased activity so you can be flexible and adaptable to your consumers new and evolving needs. The CMA team of medical, public health, technology and compliance experts has developed a secure process for reopening and supports the continuous operation of your community and business units.

Our goal is to provide your community and business with the support and resources you need to prevent further disruption while protecting your employees and customers.  For your community and business to reopen successfully, you need to make sure the appropriate health and safety actions are in place with ongoing monitoring. The key components of our services include a support center operation that provides employee and client monitoring, testing and non disruptive tracking. We provide leadership and management with the tools, technology, and the prevention process to support unscheduled interruptions utilizing unique operational processes.

What steps can we take to increase safety?

CMA provides the services needed to get your business back up and running while adapting the necessary safety procedures to ensure your operations can continue. Testing and monitoring your employees is essential, along with collecting and tracking data to prevent an outbreak. Implementing the right technology and the proper safety procedures will dramatically reduce the risk of COVID-19 in your workplace. 

-How do we communicate to your stakeholders?

Your stakeholders can be confident that CMA has the knowledge and years of experience to guide you through these challenging times. You will receive the tailored resources and support your organization needs from the expert opinion of medical and compliance professionals. Promotion to ask at risk public members to get tested and offer advice to your contacts to get tested without adding your name to the at risk list.


The CV19 Management Alliance team includes medical and global health experts who can provide you with updated information in our ever-changing public health landscape. The CMA executives have many decades of global business and public leadership in advanced technology development, staffing, and database implementation experience.

-How do we improve and update our approach?

Understanding how the virus spreads is vital. Safety equipment, social distancing, and monitoring your employees are all key requirements. Providing simple instructions and rules for your workforce will also make a huge difference. CMA can provide  knowledge transfers of proven experience and skills gained.  Since many of these businesses locations have been idle for some time, CMA will follow on with a discovery process for non COVID-19 diseases, such as Legionnaires disease.


CMA can tailor a plan to the needs of your organization. The first steps include developing a COVID-19 preparedness and response program while evaluating the risks associated with worksites and job tasks. Embracing risk management and prevention is essential for your community and business to continue and may also provide new opportunities in a post- COVID-19 world. Our standard of excellence is the ongoing support for your organization's continuou 

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