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 Career Development Program for Compliance Analysts Including COVID -19

The CPS II services group provides and supports a career development program for military/veteran and commercial institutions. The CPS II Compliance Analysts One (CAO) course is designed to prepare the military/veterans at an entry level position to support the Chief Compliance Officer at State & Federal government and commercial firms. The CAO program for the military/veteran is executed by CPS II and can be supported by CPS II sponsors, which may include commercial and military providers. The Compliance Analysts One training now includes Compliance requirements for COVID-19 for reopening small & Medium size business owners.

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 Start your Career in Finance Medical Firm COVID -19 Services


Officers & Enlisted Members Qualify


More than 3,488,509 CAO positions available for:

Technology - Compliance Analysts One positions

Salaries range from $50,000 - $85,000 *



Compliance & Technology training

Two week classroom training - 6 month Placement service included

Individual Career Guidance for one year



All 50 States & Federal Government are hiring Technology & Compliance Analysts One

Banking, Insurance, Medical and  Securities firms are hiring.



For Details and Enrollment on Training program sessions at CPS II Contact:

(203) 834-2859   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     www.cpsii.com

*Experience level dependent



Introduction to CPS II Veteran Employment Education Courses
Technology & Compliance Program:
CPS II can support our Veterans/Military members in training.  CPS II is a Veteran owned business and has been successful in being award many $B outsourcing and technology analysts contracts in IBM, GE Capital, CPQ, D.E. Shaw & Co., ABM Amro, Commerzbank and Crum & Forster. The founder has been successful in providing technology & compliance solutions to major technology and financial companies for over 35 years.
CPS II has been providing the a Veterans with an IT Compliance training program since 2017 by training Veterans on the requirements for compliance in the technology area. The CPS II IT Compliance Analysts One (CAO) entry level training program is targeted to support the IT Chief Compliance Officer as an entry level compliance support member. The initial offering of the program was an immediate success with over 38+ Veterans signing up for the IT Compliance training program. CPS II selected several Veterans to train at the expense of CPS II.  We provided more than 40 hours in classroom study including practical application and a commitment to support the members for job placement for 12 months.
 CPS II has trained several veterans from different fields of service, a 28-year veteran Army Lt. Col with civil service experience who targeted Hedge Fund companies for employment, an Army SSGT who spoke 5 different languages who selected international companies for employment, a Chief Petty Officer with command and control experience in navigation who selected global airlines for IT compliance in the cargo industry and a multi-language foreign Educator. We were successful in placing the graduates at the expense of CPS II. 
 The IT Compliance Analysts One training program is an 40 hour in depth classroom program that covers all the basic and advanced IT compliance analysts requirements. The course covers the introduction of all rules and regulations for IT such as (AML) Anti Money laundering, (SAR) Suspicious Activity Reporting, (BSA)) Bank Security Act, (GDPR) General Data Protection regulations, Biometric access (PCI), Block Chain data bases and an introduction into the basics of Cyber Security. There are over 4,000,000 job opportunities for (CAO) Compliance Analysts One trained IT members on recruiting sites such as Compliance Crossing, Monster and Indeed.
 The CPS II placement program offers one year of support for the members with a CPS II relationship executive assigned to the member for placement and continued support in their career. We work with the candidates in supporting them in creating their resumes, selecting an industry for placement and practice in the interview process. CPS II partners with (DVBE-TG) a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise company to complete the job placement service.
CPS II has a senior executive Board of Directors and managers from major corporations that can provide additional support to the placement service in executing the CAO program. CPS II has the continued support from veterans such as an Army Brigadier General (Retired), and a 30-year Navy Officer and pilot and many more veterans. 

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