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                                  CPS II and UV Angel Technology




Commercial Processing Systems II (CPS II), a technology and compliance processing company has teamed with UV Angel Technology, an advanced Medical technology Research & Development company to provide a Solution to the Pathogen problem created by COVID-19.


The CPS II leadership brings International executive management experience from the top fortune 10 companies, while UV Angel brings a patented UV technology to provide the elimination of Pathogens such as CV-19 and Influenza Virus, Bacterias and Fungus. Clinical certification of Pathogen removal is available.



The advanced UV Angel technology process developed by UV Angel Technology utilizes an Air and Surface purification solution for enclosed areas such as waiting rooms, hospital rooms, dental offices, business offices and restaurants.



UV Angel Clean Air™ technology is separate from the building HVAC system and is easily installed in the ceiling like any light fixture. The system continuously draws in air from the room into a sealed UV-C chamber, where the air is treated, and the clean treated air is returned to the room. The unique design allows the system to operate safely and continuously 24/7, 365 days a year including when staff and customers are present. The UV Angel technology uses a patented Shielded Chamber Design that is hidden away, so there is no UV-C exposure to those in the room. The units were originally designed for use in hospitals to help mitigate the risk of hospital-associated infections.


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